Professional glass advice for construction. Guidance from purchase to delivery.

Nice to meet you

I am Richard ter Beek, connector and consultant in glass projects, the spider in the web that brings parties together and thus helps to develop ultimate solutions in glass projects. With RTBM I use my knowledge of glass applications for a variety of projects, from complex facades for large buildings to simpler projects such as glass for elevators, stairs or balustrades.

From catering to glass industry

I ended up in the glass industry by accident. Before that, I worked in the hospitality industry and, as a manager and owner, developed my sales skills, organizational and planning capabilities. In 2004 I started at a glass wholesaler. I became responsible for sales and later also for purchasing and logistics processes for large glass projects. I bought a lot in China and together with TNO I brought a glass factory to a European level. My network is large and international. I know the glass industry through and through.


Entrepreneurship continued to attract me, so in 2015 I started my own company Richard ter Beek Management (RTBM) Glassconcultancy and Projects. As a project manager I supervise complex glass projects in which complete facades are built and simpler projects such as the design and installation of glass in elevators or balustrades.

Proud of my first project

I am still very proud of my first project as a self-employed person. For Holland Scherm, I worked on the development and construction of 45,000 m2 of glass noise barriers along the North-South line in Amsterdam. I was (partly) responsible for:

  • the design of the silkscreen motif (in consultation with the architect)
  • the solution for clamping the panes in the groove
  • the purchase of the glass and its quality control at the factory in China
  • the purchase of aluminum and rubber
  • the glass calculations
  • the entire logistics up to and including delivery on location.