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Glass is not just any glass.

Glass. Often it is clear, sometimes colored. It lets a lot of light through or as little as possible. Glass can play a role in fire resistance and burglary safety, but also in aesthetics. It comes in various sizes, with or without a motif, in special shapes or straightforward. It is used in combination with rubbers, aluminum, point fixings or structural bonding. There is sun-resistant coated glass and there is insulating glass with built-in sun protection that saves a lot of cleaning hours.

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As an architect, you are looking for glass that disrupts the design as little as possible or that makes a positive contribution to your plan. If you are a contractor, you regularly order glass and other facade components. Glass must be manufactured. But how do you know that you are ordering from a reliable party? One that produces sustainable and people-friendly and meets the standards? And then the logistics and delivery times; can you manage to get all parts of a facade to the construction site on time?

Our partners

Starconstruct, Polypane Glasindustrie and Polysun

I work with Starconstruct, Polypane Glasindustrie and Polysun.
For your facade, elevators, balustrades and other glass projects, I combine my expertise with that of these three reliable Belgian suppliers and developers.

The spider in the web when it comes to glass trading. From the drawing board to the assembly.

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Our Core Business lies in the realization of large glass projects, the design of the constructions and the delivery of the glass itself, all the supplies around it. And of course the confirmation. A total solution for every glass project!

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