Our partners

As a spider in the web for glass projects, I represent three Belgian companies on the Dutch B2B market. I participate in the entire process. If we are involved from the start, we can add the most knowledge, think along and, for example, organize the logistics process, assembly and transport. Because I also have contacts with reliable parties in this area.

By combining the specialties of these three family businesses and my knowledge, you will get the glass you need. Whether you need help designing glass with a special format or complex mounting system or have a simpler assignment such as glass for elevators or balustrades in public spaces. I think along and, together with my three partners, I provide the right solution, whether it concerns mounting, special processing with relief or complex glass calculations.


Complex glass study work and glass thickness calculations

Family business Starconstruct specializes in the development of glass solutions for commercial and public buildings. It designs and makes glass facade applications with visible or invisible point fixings that guarantee architectural design freedom. Complex glass study work and glass thickness calculations are daily routine for Starconstruct. In addition to the study work, the Belgian company takes care of the assembly in its own workshop. It supplies all glass types and accessories available on the market, from custom point mounts to glass clamps and rubbers. www.starconstruct.be

Starconstruct provides the following services and products:

  • Glass trading of the entire product range in safety glass in all sizes, large and small projects, short and long delivery times
  • Always delivered in accordance with applicable safety standards
  • Project supervision
  • Designing and developing custom solutions
  • Development and delivery of glass accessories such as rubbers, point fixings and fittings
  • Glass study work (calculations and optimization)


Production and development of insulating glazing

Polypane Glasindustrie has been involved in the production and development of insulating glass for more than four decades. The family business invests in research into product improvements and new applications. Polypane has been active for seventy years in the supply and / or installation of glass products, both indoors and outdoors. More: www.polypane.be

Polypane is concerned with:

  • B2B supply of all types / brands of insulating glass / coatings for both outdoor and indoor applications; thermal, sun protection, acoustic,
  • Fire-resistant insulating glass and safety glass with continuous technical approval under the BENOR label
  • Glass study work (calculations and optimization)
  • Designing and developing facade solutions, specializing in non-standard and large insulating glass








Focus entirely on blinds between glass

Polysun, a family business like the above two companies, focuses entirely on solar shading between glass. It provides a technically unique, flexible and innovative total concept. The venetian blind, pleated or roller blind is located in the completely enclosed space between the glass. More: www.polysun.be

Polysun is skilled in:

  • Supplying solar shading in insulating glass for the project market (large and small)
  • Advice in sun shading options and facade solutions
  • Full reporting and calculations of all possible solutions in glass
  • Advice in energy-neutral construction
  • Project supervision

Polysun has a showroom where all solutions of insulating glass with sun protection can be viewed.